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News | Aug. 5, 2016

DLA Director holds town hall in Richmond

By Bonnie Koenig DLA Aviation

Defense Logistics Agency Director Air Force Lt. Gen. Andy Busch returned to Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia, to update employees on topics ranging from warfighter support to culture survey results during a July 29 town hall at the Lotts Conference Center.

After thanking employees for the previous 19 months of support toward goals set in DLA’s strategic plan, Busch gave an overview of his recent meetings with combatant commanders and key service leaders. The visits gave him and other DLA leaders a clearer understanding of warfighters’ needs and readiness issues.

“DLA Aviation has had a direct impact on readiness through collaboration with its customers, and the involvement to engage them in the areas of concern is very well recognized. We draw on your expertise to help us determine our strategies,” Busch said, adding that DLA Aviation is doing extremely well on strategic engagement efforts.

The activity’s work toward increasing the use of performance-based logistics is superb, as is work to support the Joint Strike Fighter F-35 and KC-46 aircraft, the director continued.

Moving to results of the 2016 Culture Survey, Busch announced that DLA Aviation scored highly in the areas of mission and involvement but low in the area of creating change.

Under audit readiness and sustainment, Busch said a high percentage of employees indicated they understood their roles and responsibilities. While there is still a need for better communication and audit preparation, the team is already aware and working those issues.

Another area with room for improvement is evidential matter and internal controls. Busch noted that employees will undergo independent public audit testing in August and September to ensure everyone has the tools they need when auditing begins.

“It’s incumbent for employees to follow the directives put out to participate in those training days and train in those areas of concern outlined in the directive,” he said.

Scores also dropped for the fitness program, with participation dropping to 59 percent compared to 89 percent in the 2014 survey. However, those who participated commented that the program was beneficial to their work and home life.

Telework drew numerous comments from employees, Busch added, with respondents being both for and against teleworking. He pointed out that telework isn’t going away and is part of public law, but DLA leaders are looking at ways to improve our administration of the telework policy.

Regarding resiliency, 74 percent of respondents say they understood the concept, but 83 percent weren’t sure where to find resources. Leaders are already working on an action plan to improve this area, the director said.

More than 80 percent of respondents said “yes” to the question: Are you proud to work for DLA?

“I would like to let you know how pleased I am at the continued progress we show in improving the culture and climate here at DLA,” Busch said.