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News | Sept. 16, 2016

Red River’s Chatman makes use of DLA’s Health and Wellness program to lose 130 pounds

By Brianne M. Bender DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Roshad Chatman, a material handler at DLA Distribution Red River, Texas, faced a harsh reality when at 409 pounds, he lost his license to drive the stock selector. The stock selector license carries a weight limit of 300 pounds, meaning he would have to lose 109 pounds.

In November of 2015, determined to lose the weight to regain his stock selector license, Chatman took advantage of the fitness program, one of DLA’s programs offered to employees to promote resiliency, and began working out at the installation gym.

As a high school athlete, Chatman never suffered from weight issues in his youth. After graduation, the team sports and active lifestyle went to the wayside and the weight started to creep up on him.

“When they took me off the stock selector, I had been on that machine for seven years,” said Chatman. “My weight took the machine away from me. I was determined to get it back.”

Chatman, initially started his transformation with dietary changes. “I had to change my eating habits.”

Each week, Chatman prepares his meals for the week. He bakes or grills chicken, cooks his vegetables, divides the meals and places them in the freezer. Every week day morning, he takes a frozen meal with him to work. He has cereal and crackers for breakfast and, while it is difficult at times, he avoids desserts and bread.

“I have one day a week that I eat what I want – that’s my cheat day,” explains Chatman.

In addition to his eating habits, Chatman started using the treadmill at the base gym, one hour a day, five days a week. He started out walking and eventually built up the stamina to run. He now runs two miles at four miles per hour, followed by a two mile walk, finishing up with an hour of strength training.

“The installation gym helped out a lot. I lost faster than I would have otherwise,” said Chatman. “Without the gym and fitness time, it would have been a much longer process.

Currently, Chatman is down 130 pounds, and has plans to lose approximately 10 to 15 more. The entire process has taken him nine months. Due to his weight loss, he has been able to regain his stock selector’s license. He has also reaped the rewards in his personal life. He is now able to do more with his children. As a flag football coach, he can now run the field with team. His relationship with his fiancé has improved as well. “She is proud of me and my weight loss.”

Another benefit of his weight loss - shopping for clothes is now more enjoyable. “It is actually fun to shop now. I have more clothes and feel 100 percent better.”

Chatman plans to carry on with his lifestyle changes, continuing with his weight lifting routine in order to become more muscular.

Chatman’s advice to others who find themselves in his same situation, “Take everything one step at a time. Strive to do your best.”

“Roshad’s successful weight loss led him to better health and a better life. This was an amazing endeavor and a testimony to us all that weight loss can be achieved. Congratulations Roshad,” said DLA Distribution Red River commander, Army Lt. Col. Anthony Stoeger.