News | Nov. 28, 2016

Welcome Center launches new Visitor Management System

By Eugene Marchand Jr., security specialist, DLA Installation Support at Richmond

The Welcome Center staff, part of Security and Emergency Services, Defense Logistics Agency Installation Support at Richmond, Virginia, recently announced the addition of the new Visitor Management System on Nov. 3. The VMS is designed similar to a Department of Motor Vehicles queuing system.

As customers arrive they are given a number based on the purpose of their visit. The customer is then placed in the queue and is called to a station, automatically, when a staff member is able to provide customers with the type of service they require. This system is intended to reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction.

The Welcome Center uses the Defense Manpower Data Center Appointment Scheduler to issue or renew all common access, family member, retired and Reserve/National Guard identification cards. Scheduled appointments take priority over issued numbers.

The new VMS allows for three categories Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (all CAC, family member, retired and Reserve/National Guard ID cards), Defense Biometric Identification System (visitors, long- and short-term passes), and Honeywell cards. If a customer comes to the Welcome Center and needs more than one product we have developed a process that will allow for a customer to be sent to the front of the queue for the second type of product and will not need to be sent back for a second ticket. 

“This system will take some time for both operators and customers to get accustomed to, but it will be well worth the minor delays now for a more efficient and speedy process later,” said Thomas Reinard, chief, Security and Emergency Services, DLA Installation Support at Richmond. “We will ensure we do our best to use this system to its greatest capability to provide the best service we can.”

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