News | Dec. 8, 2016

DLA Aviation employees share resiliency stories

By Bonnie Koenig DLA Aviation Public Affairs

On the Defense Logistics Agency’s resiliency webpage, resilience is defined as how one deals effectively with pressure, ambiguous and emerging conditions, and multiple tasks; remains optimistic and persistent, even under adversity or uncertainty.  Recovers quickly from setbacks.  Anticipates changes and learns from mistakes.

In the recently released videos, DLA Aviation employees share their personal resiliency stories. Listen to their stories on DLA’s YouTube channel. The participants are Teresa Smith, director of the Business Process Support Directorate, John Johnson, sourcing strategist in the Strategic Acquisition Programs Directorate, Noel Romey, information technology specialist in the Information Operations Directorate, Daryl Horne, source strategy specialist in the Planning Process Directorate, and a previously released video of Marcus Miller, demand supply chain analyst in the Business Process Support Directorate.

These videos are part of DLA’s Resiliency effort and are part of the five core values of DLA’s Strategic Plan – Integrity, Resiliency and Diversity, Innovation, Accountability and Excellence.

These videos are shared with employees to show what it means to be resilient and to motivate and encourage others to develop resiliency.

Employee resiliency is something we can all support. The Profiles in Resiliency video series highlights different employees, across DLA, sharing their story and what they do to stay strong and resilient. For more information about DLA's program visit:

This program is to further the resiliency message and to ensure all employees are aware of the available resources to help with personal or work related issues.