News | April 10, 2017

Humvees rolling into Pacific sites

By Tim Hoyle Disposition Services

As the Army’s divestiture of excess vehicles continues, two DLA Disposition Services sites in the Pacific region are taking in large numbers of tactical vehicles.

According to recent field reports, the Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, site has received 14 of the 56 high-mobility, multi-wheeled vehicles known as “Humvees” that employees there expect to process for the Army’s 25th Infantry Division. The disposal support representative and military reservists worked together to provide pre-inspection and turn in guidance as needed before transportation to scrap yard. Reports also show that the 25th ID and DLA Distribution personnel are working with units to schedule vehicle transportation to the site.  

The staff members at the Guam site are also busy with the final disposal turn-in preparation on 35 M-series Humvees from the Army’s 368th Military Police Battalion at Barrigada, Guam. Reports show that all certification requirements have been met and vehicles will be received in place. The reports also said the motor pool chief for the MP battalion “was very appreciative of support provided to complete this project.”