News | May 30, 2017

Items still rolling in for Operation Clean Sweep

By Tim Hoyle DLA Disposition Services

Defense Logistics Agency employees at the DLA Disposition Services site at Gimcheon, Korea, continue to support the Army’s 2nd Infantry Division Operation Clean Sweep continues to roll along with the arrival of vehicles that are part of the Class II and VII turn-ins.

Vehicles are among the items considered Class II supplies that are controlled by tables of organization and equipment. Those documents list how much of such items a unit may possess while Class VII encompasses major end items. Ed Forbes, the Area IV disposal service representative at Gimcheon, said the staff continues to support divestiture efforts for U.S. Forces Korea units such as the Eighth United States Army, 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command, Army Material Support Command and the 2nd ID.  Forbes said disposal service representatives are visiting units to help make this large scale Class II and Class VII retrograde “a mission success” for both DLA Disposition Services and USFK.

“Equipment being turned in is ranging from common items like computers, shop sets, tools, and generators to large heavy tactical vehicles,” Forbes said. “Helping … Clean Sweep gives DLA a unique opportunity to mentor future logisticians and improve soldiers’ understanding of command supply discipline and maintenance.”

Just as they did for 2nd ID soldiers in December, the representatives on the ground are training and guiding service members through the turn-in process. Forbes explained that the DSRs are going beyond telling the service members that paperwork is missing or not filled out properly to mentor and provide the guidance. Part of the assistance includes training and mentoring on the use of the web-based version of the Federal Logistics Information System known as "WebFLIS;" Federal Logistics Data on Mobile Media, or “FEDLOG;” online research tools and the use of smart books from the DLA website.

Forbes explained that training young supply soldiers on the use of FEDLOG for referencing the National Stock Numbers of items is especially useful. He said such training was appreciated earlier in Clean Sweep when the 2nd ID soldiers brought in more than 30 tri-wall containers of excess items.  He added that DLA personnel are “providing the professional level of support that the warfighters deserve.”