News | June 23, 2017

Fire Prevention Office provides summer fire safety tips

By Kevin Gordon, fire inspector, Fire and Emergency Services DLA Installation Support at Richmond

It is time again to enjoy the outdoors with warm temperatures and mild afternoons. During this time, people find themselves more involved in outdoor life.  As the temperatures get warmer and the grass begins to grow, grilling outside feels like a necessity.

With the upcoming holidays and being outdoors, the Fire Prevention Office would like to share a few fire safety tips to help you during the upcoming summer season.

 According to the National Fire Protection Association, here are some precautions to keep in mind when grilling outside:    

    • Propane and charcoal barbecue grills should only be used outdoors.
    • The grill should be placed well away from the home, deck railing and out from under eaves and overhanging branches.
    • Keep children and pets at least three feet away from the grill area.
    • Keep the grill clean by removing grease or fat buildup from the grills and in trays below grill.
    • Never leave your grill unattended.
    • Always make sure your gas grill lid is open before lighting it. 
     Additional NFPA fire safety tips go along with using a gasoline lawn mower and generator:  

    •  Always be sure the motor is cool before refueling.
    •  Never refuel while the engine is running.
    •  Try not to over fill the gas tank causing an over flow spill.
    •  Store gasoline in approved containers away from ignition sources and outside of your home.

    Outdoor entertaining can be fun for friends, family and large groups, but always consider these additional safety tips from the association:  

    •  Keep anything that can burn, as well as children and pets, at least three feet away from open flames; and, use battery-operated flameless candles and solar-powered patio torches in place of an open flame..
    •  Flameless candles come in all colors, shapes and sizes and many are scented. Flameless candles look and feel like the real ones and add a beautiful soft glow to any outdoor event.  

For more summer and fire safety information, visit under the public education tab. NFPA has several free downloadable safety tip sheets, including: candles, fireworks, gel fuel safety, grilling, lightning, outdoor electrical safety, portable fireplaces and sky lanterns.