News | July 28, 2017

Departing employee leaves his mark

By Jeff Landenberger DLA Disposition Services

After nearly 40 years of federal service, Lawrence "Mac" McNinch is ensuring he will leave his mark on DLA Disposition Services before he retires this August.

As one last project, he has taken on painting the storage rack risers yellow to increase their visibility for the forklift operators at DLA Disposition Services long-term storage site at Columbus.

McNich said there have been problems with the special forklifts used at the site striking the risers; the kind of property they are moving is one factor along with how they enter an aisle.  Even the height of the forks can be a factor.

No matter what the reason when it happens, it cost work hours to correct.

The property on the affected shelves has to be removed, he said. Then a team from the base comes in and repairs the riser, finally the property goes back on the shelves.

The paint work is part of the work to reduce the risk according to McNinch; they also have training on how to operate the forklifts safely.  He said his painting is just an additional step to help people be aware of where the risers are as they operate the forklifts.

“We’re just trying just to give them another visual to help them get their bearings,” McNich said.

He took this project on as his retirement approaches. He only paints the raisers at the end of the day. When his other duties are complete, he keeps on working.