Update MilConnect

DLA Land and Maritime


DLA Land and Maritime personnel are requested to update their MilConnect information.   

Get Signed In:

  1. Go to: http://milconnect.dmdc.mil

  2. Click “Sign In”

  3. Under “CAC” click Login

  4. Select your email certificate

  5. Click “My Profile”

  6. Click Update and View My Profile

Update Personal Information

  1. The top field should populate automatically

    1. You can change your “Organ Donor” status here

  2. Under the “Address” Header

    1. Update your info

    2. Check the box under “Mailing Address” (Unless you get your mail someplace else)

  3. Under the “Email Addresses” Header

    1. You can’t update these, don’t worry about them

  4. Under the “Phone Numbers” Header

    1. Put in your Home number (if you have one)

    2. Put in your Mobile number (if you have one)

  5. Click the Submit button at the bottom

Update CIV

  1. Scroll back up to the top of the page and click the “CIV” tab

  2. Under the “Personnel Status” Header

    1. Duty Organization = Defense Logistics Agency

    2. Duty Suborganization  = Land and Maritime

    3. Office Symbol = Your Office

    4. Job Title = Your title

    5. Duty Installation/Location = Defense Supply Center Columbus, OH

    6. Building  = 20

    7. Room  = Leave Blank

  3. Under the “Addresses” Header

    1. Address Line 1 = 3990 E Broad St

    2. City  = Columbus

    3. State = OH

    4. Zip  = 43213-1152

    5. Country = United States

  4. Under the “Personnel Email Address” Header

    1. This defaults to “Yes”, you can just leave that

  5. Under the “SIPERNet Email Address” Header

    1. Leave Blank

  6. Under the “JWICS Email Address” Header

    1. Leave Blank

  7. Under the “Phone/Fax Numbers” Header

    1. Duty = Your desk phone number (614)692-XXXX

    2. DSN = (312)850-XXXX (the extension is the same ask your desk phone)

    3. Mobile = Your iPhone phone number (if you have one)

    4. Everything else can stay blank

  8. Click the Submit button