News | Nov. 1, 2017

San Joaquin’s Bongcaron retires after 38 years of federal service

By Annette Silva DLA Distribution San Joaquin Public Affairs

Juliana Bongcaron, staff support analyst of the Inventory Management Division at DLA Distribution San Joaquin, California, is retiring after 38 years of dedicated federal service in support of America’s warfighters. 

A valued employee with a positive attitude, Bongcaron always takes challenge in learning new things and welcomes opportunities to accept additional tasks. She feels that a balance of family, social, spiritual and physical traits equals a good work ethic.

Bongcaron says she takes pride in working for DLA. “DLA serves a mission with compassion, a love for the country and care for the people in the service,” she commented. “It is not just earning a living but serving the Armed Forces as well.”

She says a highlight of her career has been being treated well. She feels that she has lasted for 38 years because of the working environment, and that her education and experience shaped her into the successful professional she is today. She credits managers and employees working for a common goal and her supervisors and co-workers who shared their knowledge and expertise for which she is grateful.

“DLA [is] composed of professional leaders and workers take pride in their service to the mission,” she commented.

Over the span of her 38 years of service she has encountered change. The big change for her was modern technology. She started with a typewriter and no office machine or a phone on her desk. However, she says she appreciates the change in technology’s impact on support to the nation’s military. The distribution center now supports military customers with faster service due to modernized facilities and skillful workers.

Bongcaron has served in various jobs throughout her career.  She started as a clerk typist at Sharpe Army Depot in 1979. While at Sharpe, she excelled and held the positions of accounting technician, budget assistant (typing) and unclassified duties.

From 1988 to 1999, she remained at Sharpe when the Defense Distribution Region West organization stood up. She held the positions of program assistant, supply clerk, supply technician and budget analyst. In September of 1999, she transferred to DLA Distribution San Joaquin 14 miles down the road in Tracy, California. At Tracy, she worked as a distribution facilities specialist, general supply specialist and now in her current job as a staff support analyst in the Inventory Management Division.

Bongcaron credits her successful career to the advice of her work teammate, Mario Flores. She held onto his words “if you want to achieve your goals, nobody is going to do it for you but yourself.”

Her advice for DLA employees is to learn a lot and do not be content when you can do more to take your career to a higher peak. She encourages employees to follow their dreams and work on achieving their goals. Further, she encourages employees to use their sick leave wisely because it is the best insurance there is for continued income when they or their family members are in need of medical attention. 

An exciting highlight of her career was the opportunity to travel to other distribution centers for site visits and participate in training courses with the Graduates School where she earned her Financial Management Certificate. She also enjoyed traveling for other related training courses.

“If time has to turn back and I have to start over, I will still work for DLA- the place I grew in wisdom and learned to love, the workplace I am proud to be a part of the DLA family,” exclaimed Bongcaron. She went on to give thanks to the leadership during her career: DLA Distribution San Joaquin commander Marine Col. Andre Harrell, deputy commander Susan Earle, Inventory Management Division chief Lueathel Seawood, Inventory Management Division deputy Sharri Wise, systems analysts and the management circle.

Upon retirement, Bongcaron will continue her church ministries- leading the flock, organizing and attending retreats and conference workshops and continue to serve the Filipino community. She also plans on traveling more (cruise and land tours) and participating in more outdoor activities such as boating, fishing and crabbing.