DeVry University - Virtual Career Fair

By Dawn Sutton DLA Land and Maritime People and Culture



On Nov. 2, Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime participated in the DeVry University-East Region Virtual Career Fair.  This millennial tailored event provided DLA an opportunity to reach students and graduates in 22 states with minimal impact on budget and resources.  The Online Career Fair also connected talent from DeVry’s community of professionals from DeVry University and its Keller Graduate School of Management from all colleges of study.

The goal was to attract and acquire a dynamic workforce.  A customized online booth was built to brand DLA Land and Maritime.  This attracted a talent pipeline from a pool of career-ready candidates and accessed a diverse student, alumni and military veteran population across degree levels.  DLA Land and Maritime made 22 virtual connections from the 218 candidates in attendance.

Virtual career fairs are a trend that will soon be the overwhelming norm—not the exception.  In a world that is rapidly changing, it’s more important than ever to expand our reach and meet prospective employees where they want to be met. Taking our job fairs online brings in top-tier talent, regardless of their schedule or location.  This was a great learning experience for DLA Land and Maritime that enhanced our recruiting initiatives.