News | Dec. 7, 2017

2017 CFC brings changes

By Bonnie E. Koenig, DLA Aviation public affairs

This year’s Combined Federal Campaign runs through Jan.12. A kickoff event was hosted by Defense Logistics Agency Aviation Deputy Commander Charlie Lilli, Nov.14 in the Lott’s Conference Center on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia.

Guest speakers and representatives from more than 18 CFC charitable organizations set-up information tables and answered questions from employees about their organizations.

“The campaign has been around now for more than 56 years, and during that time federal employees have contributed more than $8.2 billion dollars to charities of their choice,” said Lilli. “The CFC is also a small and personal campaign because employees get to decide which organization to support and the method of giving.” He also spoke on the benefits of giving, the new opportunity for retirees to participate and how each contribution, no matter how small, helps.

Guest speaker Kasinda Thomas, Fort Lee Center, USO of Central Virginia, director, shared on the CFC story and spoke about giving. She said you give because you see a need in your community or the cause has special meaning to you. From the USO perspective, Thomas said you can help enhance the quality of life for our military members at home and around the world. Some of the services the USO provides are emergency lodging, mobile outreach, information and referral services, scholarship programs for military families, special holiday programs, summer concerts and military appreciation events.

Another guest speaker was Melanie Holden, assistant director, Virginia CFC Bay Area, and an outreach coordinator team member. Holden also spoke on what the CFC is and how it all began, why we should consider giving, the changes in this year’s campaign and why they were implemented.

The first change is the regional campaign name has been extended to include the CFC of South Central Virginia and Albemarle Bay. Holden said the CFC starts and ends later this year due to several changes to this year’s campaign made by the Office of Personnel Management to simplify procedures and to be financial stewards by ensuring more donations go to the charities and are not spent on expenses.
“Other goals are to reduce paper promotion products, streamline processes and  ensure the charities receive their donations sooner,” said Holden.

The OPM has implemented one national portal for donations. “It has taken time to get the portal built, filled and created,” said Holden. “The portal is now up and employees can donate through the portal or if they choose they can still can donate by paper pledge form.”

Some of the other changes outlined in the presentation are how funds are raised and collected. Under new CFC regulations, there will be no fundraising events, no cash contribution and no undesignated pledges.

The giving portal will be implemented for donations by check, debit/credit card, ACH bank withdrawal and payroll deductions.  There will also be a portal for retiree giving which includes retired military and federal employees. Among the other changes mentioned, for the first time, in addition to giving money, you can now choose to make a gift of your time by pledging volunteer hours to CFC charities.

“We are one person, but our combined impact can make a difference,” said Holden.

This year’s national campaign theme “Show Some Love,” has been carried over from the 2016 campaign. For more information visit or