News | Jan. 16, 2018

DLA Police officers earn top honors in federal training

By DLA Security and Emergency Services

Five Defense Logistics Agency police officers received seven awards on graduating from training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Jan. 2, a first for DLA.

  • Officer Raymond Stubs, Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia, received the Director’s Leadership Award.
  • Officer Paul Warnke, Defense Distribution Depot San Joaquin, California, received the Academic Award for attaining an academic score of 93.38, the second-highest in the class. He also received awards for scoring a perfect 300 on his driving abilities and knowledge and for qualifying as Expert with his 9mm pistol.
  • Officer Heather Wagner, Defense Supply Center Columbus, Ohio, received an award for a perfect driving score of 300.
  • Officer Michael Diamante, Defense Distribution Depot Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, qualified as the Highest Expert with his 9mm pistol, scoring 298 out of a possible 300.
  • Officer Gerson Jimenez-Mercedes, DLA Headquarters, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, received the Distinguished Fitness Award.

FLETC is the nation’s largest provider of law enforcement training for agencies including the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, Secret Service, Central Intelligence Agency and other federal, state, local, and tribal police departments throughout the United States.

The three-month training tests officers in firearms accuracy, physical fitness, basic law, security and force protection, evasive driving, searches of personnel and buildings, traffic control, dealing with volatile situations and other topics.

“The accomplishments of these five police officers are a great credit to themselves and represent the commitment and very high quality of professional police officers that serve and protect DLA every day,” said Patrick Wright, staff director for DLA Security and Emergency Services.

He noted DLA police officers directly support the DLA Strategic Plan and the People and Culture Plan by ensuring security of the workforce and the supply chain at all DLA installations.

“Our DLA police officers understand the job they have accepted and that it does not come with a lot of gratitude,” Wright said.

“However. the next time you see a DLA police officer, think about them standing in the frigid, hot or rainy weather — including holidays — to protect us, and give them a simple thank you.”