DLA sites in Northern Va. to have new area code, DSN prefix

By DLA Information Operations

Defense Logistics Agency employees in Northern Virginia will soon be converting to a new area code and Defense Switched Network prefix as part of the agency’s deployment of new telephone services.

DLA Information Operations is collaborating with the Defense Information Systems Agency to deploy an Enterprise Voice over Internet Protocol throughout DLA. DLA is moving and consolidating all DLA telephone services to DISA, to allow more flexibility and standardization of voice services across DLA and the Defense Department.

With this change to DISA’s EVoIP system, some DLA sites will be converting to a new area code and a new DSN prefix, depending on the availability of numbers and the local telecom provider. DLA employees at the McNamara Headquarters Complex at Fort Belvoir, Virginia; Lorton, Virginia; and the Suffolk facility in Falls Church, Virginia, will all be assigned a new commercial area code of 571 and a new DSN prefix of 392.

Employees at Fort Belvoir will retain the last seven digits of their phone number; only the area code and DSN prefix are changing. However, employees located at the Lorton or Suffolk facility will receive all new telephone numbers. Suffolk will switch to the new system on the evening of Feb. 8; Lorton will switch the morning of Feb 9, while Fort Belvoir will switch on the evening of Feb. 16. All new DISA EVoIP phone systems will be available for use the following mornings.

“We will be redirecting the 703 area code and phone numbers in the NCR to the new area code and number for 30 days after implementation to give folks time to inform our customers of the change, and make sure all of our contact information is updated, wherever it may be published,” said Jerry Smith, DLA IT project manager for DISA EVoIP.

Employees will continue to dial 99 and the 10-digit number for local calls and 991 then the 10-digit number for long distance calls. For DSN calls, they will dial 94 and the 10-digit number. There will be a change for internal calls; employees will need to dial the entire 10-digit number (571.767.xxxx) to reach an extension in the building.

“All employees must ensure their MilConnect information (link requires a DLA Common Access Card) is accurate with their current information prior to implementation, especially their duty location,” said Smith, “Otherwise they will not be able to make and receive external phone calls. If a user receives a new area code or DSN [prefix], they will need to update MilConnect again following the migration.”

EVoIP has become a key element of support for DLA’s command and control capabilities. With EVoIP, users can make or receive calls using their work phones anywhere or anytime, even when teleworking, hoteling, or working at a remote location.

Employees will also receive the Extension Mobility feature, EM will allow them to access their services from any DISA EVoIP phone, and it will end the need to move phones from one desk to another.  Going forward, users (with the exception of command sections, emergency, and other identified phones) will be required to log into a DISA EVoIP phone using their EM account to use their assigned telephone number.  Users will be automatically logged out of their EM accounts after five days (120 hours).

For additional information on the new phones and features, please go to the DLA Single Point of Entry website, and browse for “Cisco” in the search bar. The SPOE link requires a DLA CAC for access.