Distribution Headquarters honors past deputy with newly named Campbell Conference Room

By Brianne M. Bender DLA Distribution Public Affairs


On Tuesday, March 6, 2018, DLA Distribution commanding general, Army Brig. Gen. John S. Laskodi dedicated the command conference room to a DLA Distribution legend Phyllis C. Campbell, Senior Executive Service.

DLA Distribution’s new headquarters building has been home to the headquarters staff for approximately 16 months now. Much time and dedication has been poured into the branding of the building, pulling in the rich Distribution history and making it feel like home for everyone who enters its doors.

Campbell was DLA Distribution’s second, and longest standing, deputy having served through six commanding generals. Her tenure as deputy began in 1998 and ran until her retirement in 2007.

Campbell entered federal service in the transportation division at what was known as Defense Distribution Depot Ogden, Utah, with selection in 1966 in the depot’s management intern program.  While there, she worked her way through the ranks until 1990 when she was selected by the Office of Secretary of Defense to be the deputy for the Corporate Information Management Distribution Prototype Group.  The group was chartered to develop a standard distribution system for use throughout the Department of Defense.  In 1991, Campbell joined DLA’s Defense Distribution Systems Center as its business manager. 

Campbell was instrumental in selecting the migration system for deployment to the, then, 30 Distribution sites.  In 1993, she returned to the OSD Comptroller’s Officer of Financial Review and Analysis. 

From 1995 until her appointment as deputy commander, Defense Distribution Center, she served as director of Distribution Operations, DDC.

During her tenure, Campbell was faced with many challenges in addition to the demands of managing 26 distribution centers located around the world: ever-changing customer requirements, workload increases averaging 30 percent, competitive sourcing and budget constraints.

“Ms. Campbell recognized that the employees were the organization’s most salient asset and through equitable and consistent treatment of all, she fostered an environment that motivated the workforce to persevere through times of continual change and allowed for the organization’s on-going success,” said Laskodi.

Furthermore, Campbell was instrumental in the establishment of new missions and distribution sites such as the mapping mission; distribution operations in Hawaii, Japan, Sigonella, Guam, Kuwait, Korea and Bahrain; Theater Consolidation and Shipping Point in Kuwait and Germany and probably the most revolutionary, the Deployable Distribution Capability, which moved DLA Distribution closer to the warfighter than ever before.

Even though retired from federal service, Campbell continues to do great work on behalf of the installation and DLA Distribution.  She serves as the commissioner for the governor’s Military Community Enhancement Commission. Additionally she serves on the Cumberland, York Area Local Defense Group, advocating for the installation, as well as educating local political and community leaders.

“We are forever indebted to Ms. Campbell and the legacy of excellence she has imparted on this organization,” said Laskodi before unveiling the newly dedicated Campbell Conference Room, formerly the DLA Distribution Command Conference Room.

“I am speechless. I was surprised and honored when the former Campbell Room in Building 81 was named after me,” said Campbell. “I am now honored, and thankful to be part of the new DLA Distribution Headquarters Building’s history.”

Following the dedication, guests were invited to attend a small reception to celebrate the event.