2018/2019 Level I Mentoring Program Kicks Off

By Brenda Minnema DLA Land and Maritime People and Culture


The DLA Land and Maritime Professional Self-Development Program will train associates on various aspects of professional and personal development as well as networking skills to help prepare for advancement opportunities and career success.

On Wednesday, March 21, Kathy Drahosz, Founder of the Mentoring Connection kicked of a new year with 35 mentees and 13 of the 40 mentors in attendance.

Over the next 10 months, these 35 associates will develop important networking skills, learn more about career development, help plan for their future, develop strong positive attitudes, build self-confidence, and increase job performance.

This program will also provide the 40 mentors with the satisfaction of giving back to their coworkers, building company morale, improving employee productivity, contributing to overall job satisfaction, and enhancing organizational culture at DLA Land and Maritime.

For more information on mentoring programs at DLA Land and Maritime click here.