News | April 18, 2018

DeVry Eastern Region Virtual Career Fair

By Dawn Sutton DLA Land and Maritime People and Culture

April 12 marked the second time DLA Land and Maritime participated in the DeVry University-Eastern Virtual Career Fair. 

DLA is experimenting with various ways to reach highly qualified engineering, contract, supply and product specialist candidates. 

This millennial tailored event provided DLA an opportunity to reach students and graduates throughout the eastern United States with minimal impact on budget and resources. 

A customized online booth was built to brand DLA Land and Maritime.  The booth included the background information about DLA Land and Maritime as well as current job openings.  

Three representatives from DLA chatted with diverse students, alumni and military veterans.  There were 237 candidates that attended and 16 virtual connections made with DLA Land and Maritime.

Virtual career fairs are a trend that will soon be the overwhelming norm—not the exception.  In a world that is rapidly changing, it’s more important than ever to expand our reach and meet prospective employees where they want to be met.

Participating in job fairs online provides access to top-tier talent, regardless of their schedule or location.  This was a great learning initiative for DLA Land and Maritime to help leverage new methods of recruitment.