News | May 14, 2018

DBIDS Pre-enrollment Website

By Eugene Marchand Jr DLA Installation Operations at Richmond

Pre-enrollment in the Defense Biometric Identification System Version 5 is now available. DBIDS is the system DLA uses to provide visitor credentials and allows access to the installation. With the recent version 5 upgrade by the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC). DMDC also added a pre-enrollment website. 

The pre-enrollment website allows visitors to enter their information which is stored for later usage. The visitor will be provided a form upon completion to print, which will have an individualized bar code and alpha numeric code. The form should be brought to the Visitor Center for processing. The bar code from the form will be used by the clerks at the Visitor Center to access the visitor’s information.

Sponsors are still required to provide visitor information to the Security and Emergency Services for a background check that is referred to as “vetting.” Once the visitor is vetted and approved for installation access, sponsors will be provided a web link to provide to the visitor so they can pre-enroll into DBIDS.

The benefit to pre-enrolling is a reduction in transaction time once the visitor is called to the clerk. The system keeps the information for a maximum of 30 days. The visitor that pre-enrolls is not fully registered until the process is completed at the Visitor Center.

To pre-enroll in DBIDS, click on the following link and follow the instructions: DMDC Pre-enrollment web site.