News | May 18, 2018

Troop Support employees recognized at Excellence in Government awards ceremony

By John Dwyer III DLA Troop Support Public Affairs

Forty-seven employees from the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support walked away winners from the 2018 Philadelphia Federal Executive Board Excellence in Government Awards ceremony hosted at Naval Support Activity Philadelphia May 17.

The annual awards ceremony recognized employees from 27 federal agencies for their excellence in categories such as Economy in Government Operations, Outstanding Technical Achievement and Service Excellence.

“[Recipients represent] the tremendous amount of work, professionalism and dedication that goes into providing the many services that create this environment where Americans can enjoy their liberties; where they can indeed pursue happiness,” said Gary Renfro, the program host and Transportation Security Administration federal security director for the Philadelphia International Airport.

From the 144 submissions, awards judges were inspired by the work being done by employees and are hopeful for the future of the federal service, said Lisa Makosewski, Philadelphia FEB executive director.

One Medical employee was humbled by his team’s nomination for the Service Excellence Award.


“It’s such a great honor,” said Abin Mathai, surgical manufacturer/direct procurement team member. “It truly is a blessing for us to get nominated and to be recognized.”


Troop Support’s 2018 FEB EIG Award winners are:

  • Bronze award for Economy in Government Operations: Medical Radiology and Imaging Systems Program Team

    • Working collaboratively with the Department of Veterans Affairs to find efficiencies and cost savings in leveraging the buying power of both agencies, the team was responsible for an innovative contract award program for Department of Defense and Whole of Government customers, according to the award nomination.

    • Team members include: Andrew Wechter, Maciej Okulicz-Kozaryn, Yasmeen Turner, Paul Ferrante, Jaclyn Hartzell, Diemhong Walters, Jessica Hendel, Shawn Carney, Trong Nguyen, Denise Scobee and Albert Murray.

  • Silver award for Outstanding Technical Achievement: Industrial Hardware First Article Test Team

    • The team successfully revamped and improved the FAT process to avoid future delays in awarding contracts requiring testing of first-run items while addressing all FAT-related requisitions that were previously “stuck” in the previous process, according to the award nomination.

    • Team members include: Vance Corey, Bradley Steiner, Brittany Bell, Collin Bowell, David Roberts, Mary Regan, Robert Paxton, Robert Singley, John Dressel, Nancy Heleman, Claire Newbert, Phil Dicus and Josue Cenet.

  • Bronze award for Supervisory Achievement: David Lipshutz

    • Lipshutz’s served as a mentor and teacher to his team of employees throughout his 35-year career, developing acquisition programs and processes at Troop Support. Most recently, Lipshutz contributed to re-tooling a process that enabled DLA acquisition specialists to more effectively deal with vendors who try to defraud the agency, according to his award nomination.

  • Bronze award for Service Excellence: Medical-Surgical Manufacturer/Direct Procurement Team

    • Using a mix of traditional and non-traditional procurement strategies, the team leveraged their organization and communication skills to process requisitions for foreign military sales that resulted in savings to the customer and the U.S. government, according to the award nomination.

    • Team members include: Brian Schott, Abin Mathai, Sharon DeMatteo, Dennette Gibson, Albert Gatica, Anh Lam, Seth Tootell, Ryan Guarnere, Marc Canalichio, Mark Anthony, Allen Costello, Roy Sutton, Vernon Stevenson, Yvonne Poplawski, Peter Skillings, Navy Lt. Prince Tailey, Roe DeMatteo, Thor Myers, Marsha Museka, Paul Williams, Sean Kelly and Air Force Maj. Donald Steel


Other nominated employees and teams from Troop Support included:

  • Outstanding Technical Achievement: Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Integrated Supply Team (Medical)

  • Outstanding Technical Support Accomplishment: Nuclear Enterprise Support Team (Industrial Hardware)

  • Supervisory Achievement: Robin Whaley (Subsistence)

  • Outstanding Community Service: Corporate Communications Community Relations Program (Command Support)

  • Service Excellence: Cynthia Cahill (Business Process)

  • Service Excellence: Clothing & Textiles Army Recruit Center Team (Clothing & Textiles)

  • Outstanding Mentor/Coach: Marie Owens (Command Support)