News | May 22, 2018

Life Cycle Logistics Working Group and charter signing – the best of the best

By Elizabeth Stoeckmann DLA Energy Public Affairs

Creating a culture of excellence marked the first Life Cycle Logistics Working Group event for acquisition professionals held at the Defense Logistics Agency Energy Lorton facility May 7-11.

More than 15 change agents from DLA Energy business units gathered from the regions and headquarters to collaborate face-to-face to anticipate training needs, address issues and share information within the LCL community.

“We are here to be the best … the best change agents across DLA” said DLA Energy Acting Commander Guy Beougher during his opening remarks. “My expectation for the Life Cycle Logistics Working Group is that each of you will be part of the solution to help change the culture of resistance.”

The inaugural event focused on reducing the number of LCL certification delinquencies and waivers and transforming the LCL program in to the best acquisition program for the agency.

Beougher expects change agents to be adopted into the new LCL philosophy.

Change agents will assist with change management deployment/transition activities, build support throughout the workforce, provide feedback to the LCL change management team and serve as points of contact between employees, supervisors and managers and sponsors.

“Change agents are no stranger to the life cycle logistics career field – they are resolution specialists, supply planners, customer account specialists and we want their ideas,” said DLA Energy Acquisition Workforce Development and Intern Center Division Chief Ditu Kasuyi. “In order to have the best LCL program in DLA, change agents will build on what they do well and help us come up with new ideas that will take us to the next level.”

Because change agents are closest to the work, they embrace current processes and come up with new strategies to reach their goals that are now established in the working group’s charter, he said.

“It was a busy week, the working group received training and data on key Life Cycle Logistics subjects from experts across DLA,” said DLA Energy Procurement Analyst Lee Dvonch.

Energy is forward leaning as the first major subordinate command to take on this effort within the LCL community, Kasuyi said. The team developed the first LCLWG Charter and LCL Change Management Initiative Operational Plan for Energy and DLA.

As a culmination of the team’s efforts during the focus week, they provided an outbrief to Beougher that focuses on several lines of effort:  accountability, recognition and training. The plan describes each line of effort that DLA Energy will leverage to be the best LCL acquisition workforce. The working group also presented a communication plan on how they will raise awareness to LCL stakeholders.

Beougher reviewed and signed the first DLA Energy LCLWG charter that outlines its purpose, objectives, governance, responsibilities, sponsorship, membership and business rules.

“You really set the bar high this week, you are the best in the class already,” Beougher said at the charter signing.

In recognition of the team’s efforts that demonstrated enthusiasm, understanding of the initiative and success, Beougher presented certificates of appreciation to all participants and superior performer coins to: Marybeth Sandman, Robin Cordovez and Debbie Bowling.