News | June 8, 2018

DLA Installation Operations Richmond’s EMS passes audit, under stricter standards

By DLA Aviation Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Installation Operations Richmond’s Environmental Management System underwent an extremely thorough and detailed audit May 8-10 based on new ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management Systems standard.

DLA Installation Operations Richmond’s EMS has been registered to ISO 14001 standards since 2004.  At that time, it became the sole DLA activity to obtain this level of environmental performance while joining a handful of other registered Department of Defense sites.    

An EMS program allows DLA Installation Operations Richmond to manage environmental responsibilities in a structured, comprehensive and well-documented manner on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia. 

“It allows us to meet all of our environmental obligations, improve the way we do business with respect to the environment, and reduce our overall environmental impact upon the installation and our neighboring community,” said Jimmy Parrish, chief, Environmental Management Division, DLA Installation Operations Richmond.

In September 2015, the ISO 14001 standard was significantly updated.  Additional mandatory topic areas were included and the level and detail of necessary system documentation was increased.  According to Parrish, registered sites have until December 30, 2018, to successfully demonstrate conformance and compliance with the new standard.

The independently certified, impartial third-party registrar, who conducted the audit, covered all 29 elements of the new ISO14001:2015 standard.  More than 20 DLA Installation Operations at Richmond employees were interviewed and numerous pieces of documentation were reviewed and scrutinized.

“After three long and grueling days, the third-party registrar formally documented only one minor non-conformity with the new standard, along with three suggested opportunities for improvement,” Parrish said.   

These outstanding audit results ensured that the center’s EMS had successfully transitioned to the new standard and was able to maintain its formal registration.

“Our audit success is attributable to all of our employees,” said Joe Krouse, the Environmental Management System Division representative directly responsible for the EMS.  “Each and every one was clearly able to talk [the environmental talk] and walk the walk.” 

Parrish explained that as an added bonus, not only is DLA Installation Operations at Richmond the only DLA site to be formally ISO 14001 registered, they are now the only DoD site to maintain their registration to these new strict environmental management requirements.

“An EMS is a documented process for the management of our environmental impact,” he said.  “We have been following this documented system for so long, it’s just become our way of doing business. We are confident that we know and can address our customers’ concerns while continuing the installation’s diverse missions and consistently doing good things for the environment.”