I am DLA

By DLA Public Affairs


Linda Norman
Linda Norman
Linda Norman
Linda Norman
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VIRIN: 180701-D-YE683-036
My name is:
Linda Norman

I am:

A general supply specialist on the Distribution Research Team at DLA Distribution Headquarters.


Describe your job in a sentence:

My job is assisting customers with how the Distribution and Supply System works and how to use its processes to their advantage.


How long have you worked for DLA?

I began as a keypuncher at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania, documenting the incoming Southeast Asian refugees in 1975. After that, I worked in the Finance Office, processing paychecks. I came to DLA Distribution Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, in April 1976.


What is your favorite thing about working for DLA?

My favorite thing is to assist a deployed customer with expediting their cargo, explaining how the process works and how it supports them.


What are your best memories of working here?

One is helping the victims of hurricanes such as Katrina, Rita, Andrew and Sandy, and the victims of other traumatic events in desperate need of the basics, such as food and shelter. My other best memories are of helping DLA customer support representatives around the world.


How do you make a difference?

By supporting the greatest armed forces in the world, many of whom are my brothers and sisters in arms, as I retired after 29 years in the military. My small part is to get the parts, material and equipment they need to complete their mission and to get back home, safe and sound to their families.