Secretary urges caution in sharing personal info online

By DLA Public Affairs


Employees throughout the Department of Defense should be vigilant in protecting their personal information online, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis urged the workforce in a recent memorandum.


“The potential consequences of compromised data could be serious, not just for you and your families, but for the readiness and resiliency of this Department,” Mattis wrote in the June 21 memo. “As we strive to protect our information from falling into the wrong hands, there can be no complacency.


“Remain mindful of what information you choose to share, online or otherwise, and where you invest your money,” the secretary continued. “Protect your health, biometrics, and financial information, along with your social security number. …  Your vigilance and dedication to data security helps our Department maintain the most lethal and ready fighting force in the world.


“Be alert!” was Mattis’ signoff on the memo.


Matt Baker, Operations Security program manager for Defense Logistics Agency Intelligence, suggested specific things DLA employees can do.


“It's important to keep in mind that more than just your personal information can put you at risk,” Baker said. “ Travel plans or otherwise identifying when you will be away from home could be a welcome announcement to the wrong people.


“We put a lot of effort into protecting our sensitive information at work,” he noted. “You should do the same with your sensitive personal information.”


DLA Intelligence has resources on the DLA website to help employees, along with family and friends, set up security protocols on social media, as well as awareness and safety tips.