The Level II Mentoring Program Holds First Monthly Event

By Brenda Minnema DLA Land and Maritime People and Culture


COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Director of Equal Employment and Opportunity, Charles Palmer, was the guest speaker for the Level II Mentoring Event on June 20 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. in the Building 20 Auditorium. Palmer emphasized the importance of teambuilding, which was the event’s theme. He was gracious in recognizing that he alone would not have been able to host the EEO office’s many successful events throughout the year without the help of his team and volunteers. He asked for those who’ve worked on the special emphasis events in the audience to stand and be recognized.

The June Level II Mentoring group couldn’t have picked a more fitting topic. The June group hosted the first monthly mentoring event and their timeline was very compressed, with three of the five members working virtually. An individual can’t perform all tasks on their own so the group began hashing out topics, different speakers and room availability. It was through open discussion that the team discovered team member Alonzo Burris knew Palmer and hence the speaker was booked.

Congratulations to the June team members – Alexander Baillieul, Alonzo Burris, Brittany de Laine, Michael Ivkov and Aubrey York – for a job well done.