News | Sept. 25, 2018

Maintaining strong partnerships in the Middle East

By U.S. Army Capt. Courtney Malone DLA Energy Middle East

The alliance of two coalition partners was reaffirmed when key leaders from the Department of Defense and Bahrain Defense Force signed an amendment to a fuel support agreement at Isa Airbase, Bahrain, Aug. 13. 

Defense Logistics Agency Energy Deputy Commander Guy Beougher, who was acting commander at the time, and Royal Bahraini Air Force 2nd Fighter Squadron Commander Col. Ahmed Al-Sisi signed the amendment to expand support beyond jet fuel to include ground fuel products and to update the invoice and payment procedures to improve accountability.

“The amendment signing was significant in that it enhances host nation support and will maintain a long-standing coalition in the Middle East,” Beougher said. “U.S. forces engaged in military operations have relied on host nation agreements to ensure expeditious logistics support. The strategic advantages of such alliances have become the cornerstone of our National Defense Strategy.” 

The core fuel support agreement between DLA Energy and RBAF was signed in 2013 and defines petroleum product support and related services to U.S. government entities on Isa Airbase to sustain the base and flight operations of U.S. Navy and Marine Corps aircraft.

The unified fuel amendment is in support of DoD objectives to strengthen alliances and attract new partners. It signifies the importance that DLA has placed on building strong partnerships with host nations, combatant commands, and coalition forces around the world.

The DLA Energy Middle East regional command supports warfighter fuel needs within the environment of the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility. Stretching across 14 different countries, the fuel supply chain is managed through 57 contracts valued at over $3.7 billion. Customers receive uninterrupted end-to-end logistical support encompassing the forecasting, planning, ordering, and monitoring of petroleum deliveries to invoice accountability. 

“One of the organization’s greatest support concentrations is sustaining the dynamic requirements for the ongoing Iraq and Afghanistan missions, Operation Inherent Resolve and Operation Freedom’s Sentinel,” said DLA Energy Middle East Commander Army Lt. Col. Henry Brown. “DLA Energy Middle East’s product and service support distinctively extends from the strategic to tactical level throughout the region.”

DLA Energy Middle East office is strategically situated in the Kingdom of Bahrain, a small country that has been a member of the United Nations since its independence from Britain in 1971. 

About the author: Capt. Courtney Malone is from Crestview, Florida, and is assigned as a petroleum operations officer at DLA Energy Middle East, Naval Support Activity Bahrain.