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By DLA Research and Development


The September-October issue of The Innovator is now available. The Innovator is electronically published bimonthly with articles and information for employees on Research and Development projects, updates and upcoming events and activities.

Topics are:

  • September-October Theme – Looking Beyond the Horizon
  • Chief’s Chat – Looking Beyond the Horizon: The R&D team is scanning  the horizon and environment through its strategic assessment process to see where we can “boldly go” in R&D, trying to determine what technologies are on the horizon that we can invest in to support DLA’s mission and goals. 
  • Using Roadmaps to Focus on the Horizon:
  • The Military Unique Sustainment Technology (MUST) R&D Roadmap, “Start with the end in mind”: The MUST program originated as an R&D response to a Government Accountability Office recommendation.  The road mapping and planning process produced interconnected R&D efforts to support the MUST thrusts.  By the end of the first year, MUST partners had finalized the technical plan and started technical work. 
  • Subsistence Network (SUBNET): Visualizing the Future: The Subsistence Network (SUBNET), an Industrial Preparedness Manufacturing Technology Program, supports R&D projects that promote manufacturing improvements in the subsistence supply chain.  The Strategic Roadmap is an excellent tool that helps the program manager visualize the next projects for the program, prioritize projects, plan future funding needs, and conduct a continuous strategic assessment of the program.
  • Weapon System Sustainment Program (WSSP) R&D Project Roadmap: To successfully manage an R&D program, you must know what your customer needs today, tomorrow and in the coming years.  A project roadmap is an essential tool to capture this information, plan for the future and guide the program to success.  The WSSP has a project roadmap database that enables flexible planning as customer requirements and needs change.
  • Finance Corner - Strategic Assessments – Resources – Capability, Oh My!:  Our Strategic Assessments mark the kick-off to the Program Budget Review (PBR) planning cycle for 2021 and will form the basis for estimating the required funding for fiscal years 2021-2025. 
  • Using Strategic Assessments to Focus the Innovation Future:
  • Advanced Microcircuit Emulation (AME), Strategic Assessment:  In DLA R&D’s 2017 Strategic Assessment, the Advanced Microcircuit Emulation (AME) Program was looking for technology to help them support old microcircuit NSNs.  A microcircuit is made up of a semiconductor “chip,” which is the brains of the item, and the case and terminals that physically protect the chip and connect it to the outside world. 
  • Defense Logistics Information Research (DLIR), Use of the Strategic Assessment process: The Defense Logistics Information Research (DLIR) Program identified the Connecting the Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) project by means of the Research and Development (R&D) Strategic Planning and Assessment process.
  • R&D - Roadmaps and Assessments Summary: DLA R&D uses road maps and strategic assessments for the organization’s strategic planning process.
  • Upcoming R&D Events & Activities
  • DLA R&D develops innovative capabilities and processes that improve logistics operations and strengthen the industrial base in support of the warfighter, the agency and the Department of Defense.

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