News | Oct. 16, 2018

Agency software consolidation, cloud migration save costs, boost warfighter support

By DLA Information Operations

The effort to update, consolidate and standardize software across the Defense Logistics Agency, known as “application rationalization,” is helping the agency improve cybersecurity, lower costs and streamline its operating environments.

In application rationalization, each software program is evaluated for its business and technical value. Applications are retired or replaced as needed, leaving a more vital, adaptive and scalable set of programs. Since 2013, DLA Information Operations has reduced more than 80 percent of its 1,200 business applications, leaving 264.

For example, the Business Objects Human Resources tool replaced three applications: Automated Statistics About Personnel, DLA Action Item Tickler Report and the Human Resources Management Information System. The new application is less resource-intensive than the three it replaced.

By reducing the agency’s IT footprint, DLA Information Operations aims to migrate all software to the cloud by mid-2020. Over 39 percent of DLA’s applications are now hosted by cloud providers.

This means software and data will be available worldwide, via the internet, to virtually all employees — and won’t depend on the user’s device. Everyone will truly be mobile, able to support the warfighter from any location. For instance, the contingency IT team can set up a deployable depot using DLA’s networks and applications to provide logistics services for overseas military operations — or get life-saving medical supplies and aid in response to a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis.

Information Operations is reviewing the remaining applications to determine their viability. “As we face new and evolving challenges meeting our warfighter needs efficiently and effectively, it is imperative to continually maintain the landscape,” said Kathy Cutler, DLA’s chief information officer. “The ongoing evaluation of efficacy of the application portfolio is just as important as the initial effort.”