News | Oct. 16, 2018

DSCR recognizes annual Fire Prevention Week

DLA Aviation Public Affairs

Defense Supply Center, Richmond, Virginia recognized National Fire Prevention Week with a huge kick-off in support of this year’s theme “Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware Fire can happen anywhere,” on Oct. 9.   

As part of the kick-off festivities, Defense Logistics Agency Installation Operations Richmond’s Fire and Emergency Services personnel manned an informational display in Building 46 to help raise awareness and disseminate educational materials pertaining to fire safety.

“I think it’s important that we recognize events like National Fire Prevention Week because most people don’t take fire safety seriously until they have been directly impacted by a fire,” said Daryhl Page, DLA Installation Operations Richmond fire inspector. “Therefore it’s important for us to educate the public as well as the workforce on fire safety in the workplace and in the home.” 

In addition to the informational display, the fire prevention staff brought out the Safety House. The Safety House is a mobile home that has been configured to simulate natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes as well as fires and can also serve as a make-shift pull station. A pull station is an active fire protection device that is usually wall-mounted and when activated, initiates a fire alarm system.

According to emergency services personnel, the Safety House is a good apparatus to use when educating people on fire safety.

“It is a great training tool especially for children because it gives them the opportunity to see the hazards associated with fires and natural disasters firsthand without them actually having to face the dangers linked to these conditions,” said Kevin Gordon, DLA Installation Operations Richmond fire inspector. “This way they are able to learn about the importance of fire safety and have fun while doing it.”

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