News | Oct. 25, 2018

People and Culture Directorate hosted a Brown Bag Luncheon on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

By Brenda Minnema DLA Land and Maritime People and Culture

Employee Assistance Program Manager Drew Henderson facilitated a Brown Bag Luncheon in the Buckeye and Cardinal rooms for Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime civilian and military supervisors. More than 40 supervisors and managers attended session.

“Leadership recognizes that it’s important for leaders to be educated on this condition,” Henderson said.

Knowledge of the details of PTSD is beneficial to leaders because it can help supervisors better understand the reactions of associates with PTSD, allowing leaders to communicate more effectively and help provide accommodations to meet the needs of individuals with PTSD.

By raising awareness of PTSD and its symptoms, supervisors and co-workers are more likely to recognize the need and find ways to work effectively with anyone who has this condition, Henderson said.

If you need assistance or more information about PTSD, contact Drew Henderson

For more information about the event, or ideas for future events, contact Brenda Minnema.