News | Oct. 24, 2018

Where data is stored really matters

By David L Minnich, DLA Information Operations

“For the Defense Logistics Agency, as with others in the Defense Department, consolidating and closing data centers becomes more important with each passing day,” said Kathy Cutler, director of DLA Information Operations.

“Early on, we recognized closing small data centers and consolidating information in the cloud, greatly benefits DLA and our employees in terms of efficiency, security and data analysis,” she added.

Starting with DoD’s Data Center Optimization Initiative released in 2012, DLA came up with a reduction plan heavily reliant on application rationalization and use of milCloud and commercial offerings.

Under DCOI we have:

  • Reduced over 1,100 DLA applications to 264
  • Moved 39 percent of all DLA applications to the cloud
  • Decommissioned 25 percent of hardware assets worldwide, 800+ this FY alone, and reduced security vulnerabilities inherent with aging servers and routers
  • Closed 10 of 23 data centers since 2013 (43 percent)
  • Eliminated nearly 12,000 square feet of data center real estate, reducing energy consumption 
  • Avoided $36 million in expenditures, with $50-$100 million avoided over the next five years

Many DLA Information Operations personnel, including cyber security, portfolio/project managers, stakeholder integration, and technical teams collaborated with key stakeholders to ensure smooth and continued operations worldwide, supporting warfighters especially.

Cutler praised the sustained team effort and support from agency directors as essential to success.

“We continue to look at ways to innovate, to use technology and improve data management as key enablers for DLA,” she said. “It also fits DoD’s push for efficiency, cost savings, and effective stewardship of IT assets – so it’s a ‘win-win’ for all.”