NEWS | Oct. 25, 2018

Mentoris Times: From the editor - Carol Frazee

By Carol Frazee DLA Land and Maritime Level II Mentoring Program

Taking on the Leadership role may sound like an easy task. I have had many opportunities in the past to have the privilege of serving in the leadership role. I remember starting as a Lead for a well known company. Where I accepted this position with pride. I knew I would be able to help others perform and meet departmental needs. This was a huge task because for the first time I had to deal with and respond to personnel differences. It took some time, but I did realize quickly what motivates one does not apply to others. What I did learn is that listening is not the same as hearing. I progressed with training and always took away one nugget of information from every discussion to improve upon. Leadership gets harder when you move and transition. As I was promoted within the Navy I soon found out after all my training that the Chief knows everything. A leader is more than just a leader; you are a sounding board, a mediator, a mentor, a co-worker, a supervisor, a manager, a friend and the list goes on. In order to be great in the leadership role you have to gain the respect of others working under you as well as beside and above you. It is okay to not have all the answers because you have leadership above you to go to. Leadership is establishing a clear vision and sharing that vision with others. Leadership is enhanced through coaching from those above you, accepting failure and learning from that failure. Everyone should entertain a leadership role sometime in your career. You will be surprisingly happy to know there are lessons all the way through that will improve you as a leader.