News | Jan. 9, 2019

“Ya Done Good” Energy!

By Irene Smith DLA Energy Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Director Army Lt. Gen. Darrell Williams had many good things to say to DLA Energy’s senior leaders during the annual dynamic operating plan meeting in the McNamara Headquarters Complex auditorium, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Dec. 17.

“The impact you have on DLA through fuel prices and outstanding customer support service is profound,” Williams said.

Williams praised Energy’s accomplishments, but especially noted the command’s stellar success with the 2018 Denison Culture Climate Survey.

“DLA Energy put forth a phenomenal effort in the Denison Culture Climate survey,” Williams said. “They significantly improved the culture and climate with double-digit scores – which is unheard of. Thank you for the great work.”

DLA Energy had the highest improvement rate among the DLA major subordinate commands from the last time the survey was conducted in 2016. DLA Energy 2018 culture results increased by three percent in the overall participation rate and had an average increase of 22 percent across all four quartiles compared to its 2016 scores, said DLA Energy Culture Climate briefer Stan Jasiczek.

DLA Energy implemented a talent management strategy based on the command’s 2016 Culture Climate Survey results and  created a comprehensive culture action plan to strengthen the skills of the workforce and increase the number of team members in Energy’s talent pipeline,” Jasiczek said.

Williams commented favorably on DLA Energy’s other successes including hurricane support, audit efforts and small business outreach.

“Your support to the audit is very critical,” Williams said. “Thanks for your great work on our real property inventories. Your work to inventory the fuel infrastructure in particular was vital to the agency moving forward. Your work to ensure the auditability of our bulk fuel inventory was equally important.”

DLA Energy Small Business was also singled out for its accomplishments in meeting its target goals and improving its program.

“There is a positive and consistent DLA Energy message,” Williams said. “People are very proud of what they do, and you have a deeply rooted culture.”

The director began the DOP with his “Ya Done Good” award to the following employees:

Khalid Hamidi was recognized for successfully leading his team in meeting the DLA’s independent public auditor objectives for the 2018 audit. Of the 98 sites selected by the auditor, Hamidi’s team coordinated visits to 65 Defense Fuel Support Points from July 9 to Sept. 27, and supported alternative reviews at the other 33 locations. He aggressively led DLA Energy in addressing three notice of findings from the fiscal year 2017 audit while initiating implementation of DLA Energy directorate risk assessments in support of the DLA Energy statement of assurance.

Nikki Waggoner-Brookie received recognition for her exceptional support to the Supplier Operations leadership. In addition to performing her daily duties, she performed the lead role in the transition of the Common Access Card Trusted Agent responsibilities to contracting officers under DLA Energy service contracts. This included ensuring that over 900 CAC’s issued to contractors in support of the fuel mission were issued/renewed timely and in accordance with all Department of Defense and DLA procedures. She also served as a trainer and mentor to DLA Energy interim trusted agents and was instrumental in maintaining continuity during the transition period.

Robert Johnson spearheaded the responsibilities for DLA Energy’s imprinter ordering process. Working with representatives from DLA Energy in San Antonio, Texas, DLA Troop Support Contracting Team in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and DLA Energy Procurement at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, he streamlined processes and established auditable standards. His efforts resulted in a highly successful new logistics ordering process supporting the DLA director’s strategic goals of financial stewardship and audit readiness.

Marc McConahy was recognized for his exceptional work expanding DLA Energy’s whole of government program. Since assuming responsibility for this program, he increased federal accounts by over 60 percent and made many process improvements.

Marcus Ortman utilized his quality experience to address schedule issues and fuel quality concerns in support of DLA Energy’s partner, Military Sealift Command. He ensured uninterrupted supply to an Air Force customer and assisted with three separate lines of efforts. Ortman worked with the quality systems and automation program manager to establish Enterprise Business Systems virtual training for the quality assurance representatives in the regions.

Consondra Davis was responsible for the successful execution of the Commander’s Culture Climate Action Plan. She incorporated command level interaction with the DLA Energy workforce and developed the DLA Energy culture climate charter, culture climate council and the culture climate newsletter. She also developed and designed the DLA Energy Career Management Portfolio consolidating Energy's talent management programs in a concise handbook.

In closing, Williams thanked the DLA Energy workforce and reemphasized the agency’s priorities leading into 2019: continued warfighter support, audit support and defense reform.