News | March 4, 2019

Enterprise Organizational Alignment

By Tonya Robertson DLA Land and Maritime People and Culture

What is Enterprise Organizational Alignment?

It’s a standard enterprise-wide process to plan, coordinate, approve and implement organizational changes to meet mission needs.

An EOA proposal package consists of several documents and templates required for review and approval of requested changes.

The following are commonly required documents:

  •  General Order: The permanent instruction issued which documents an organizational change in the Defense Logistics Agency and serves as DLA’s official record.
  • Missions and Functions Statement: Describes the clear and succinct representation of the organization’s purpose to meet the Agency’s mission and the essential high-level activities it must take to achieve them.
  • Organization Chart: A diagram depicting how elements in an organization (directorate, division, branch or office) relate to one another along lines of authority.

The People and Culture Directorate will consult with DLA Land and Maritime Directorates with questions about organizational change.

People and Culture’s role is to guide individuals through the entire process from preparing an EOA proposal package through implementation of approved proposals.

Visit the DLA Land and Maritime Organizational Alignment intranet site for more information.