Distribution’s Estes presented commander’s coin

By Brianne M. Bender DLA Distribution Command Affairs


Acquisition Operation’s Scott Estes received a commander’s coin during DLA Distribution Commanding Officer Navy Rear Adm. Kevin M. Jones’ employee recognition event Feb. 26.

Estes has achieved the lowest overall time to award metrics for both supplies and services when compared to the standard.  He routinely exceeds expectations to get requirements on contract and delivered to the customer, without sacrificing quality. 

Due to his dependability in getting contracts executed quickly, Estes was assigned a procurement for the refurbishment of four Rough Terrain Container Handlers for the organization’s Expeditionary Team.  He moved quickly to get these items on contract to support DLA Distribution Current Operations and to get the refurbishments underway in order to build equipment capabilities. 

“Mr. Estes’ efforts have positively impacted not only DLA Distribution, but DLA as an agency, and warrants recognition,” said Acquisition Operations Director Gene Surmacz. “He exemplifies dedication, commitment and professionalism through his work in the Acquisition Directorate.  Mr. Estes exceeds all expectations with regard to the key acquisition metric of time to award.”