News | March 29, 2019

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Lisa Stublar

By DLA Energy Public Affairs

Editor’s note: Every year, March is designated as Women’s History Month by presidential proclamation. In honor of this tradition, Defense Logistics Agency Energy is recognizing some of its top-notch female employees who are making a difference as champions of Warfighter support.

My name is:
Lisa Stublar

I am:
A Resolution Specialist for DLA Energy Americas at Houston, Texas.

Describe your job in a sentence:
I provide technical guidance and assistance to Army, Air Force, and civilian fuels accountants at our Department of Defense locations in the Midwest, which includes bases and government installations in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. These accountants are responsible for accurately tracking and accounting for Defense Working Capital Fund fuel as it’s stored, received, shipped and sold.

How long have you worked at DLA?
Seven years; two years in Bahrain as an inventory manager and five years in Houston as a resolution specialist. With no prior fuels experience before starting with DLA in Bahrain, my career has grown tremendously with the support of my DLA team inspiring me with their knowledge.

What is your favorite thing about working for DLA?
Supporting the military. Every day I get to work alongside the men and women of our military and it gives me a great sense of satisfaction knowing that I am contributing to their mission. Fuel is the lifeblood of logistics, and my job, like those of my teammates, assures that our country and our Warfighters have the necessary means to perform their mission.

What are your best memories of working here?
I appreciate the great friendships I’ve made both within DLA and at all the bases I support. For example, I met Stan and Vanessa Olsen in Bahrain, and even though we haven’t worked together for five years and they recently moved to Tampa, my husband and I met up with them in December to experience the Christmas Markets in Prague. DLA inspires these kinds of friendships by encouraging and supporting team building events and fostering an environment where you want to come to work. Plus, they really hire some great people!

How do you make a difference?
I make sure that my customers know that they can depend on me to the answers and the help they need on time and every time. I strive to earn their trust. I get a lot of questions about DLA Energy policy and my customers have learned that if I don’t know the answer, I will track it down for them.

How do you resolve conflict in the workplace and at home?
Slow to speak and quick to listen. I’m not perfect at it, by any means, but it’s the person I aspire to be, especially at home. At work, I try to be assertive, but not aggressive; I try to focus on the actions, not the argument; I try not to be reactionary; and I try to take my time to collaborate and reach the best resolution.