News | April 23, 2019

DLA leaders discuss cybersecurity, supplier survey with industry associations

Defense Logistics Agency Director Army Lt. Gen. Darrell Williams and his senior staff met with industry association leaders April 18 to discuss topics including cybersecurity in acquisition processes and feedback from the recent DLA Supplier Survey. 

DLA is nothing without its industry connections, Williams told representatives from the Aerospace Industries Association, American Petroleum Institute, American Apparel & Footwear Association, SourceAmerica, National Defense Transportation Association, Professional Services Council and National Defense Industrial Association.

The meetings are held to encourage transparency and open dialogue between DLA and industry, Williams added.

Matthew Beebe, DLA’s acquisition director, initiated the dialogue with a discussion on contractor cybersecurity. Association leaders expressed concerns about the cost of the Defense Department’s plans to include cybersecurity in acquisition processes. DLA leaders acknowledged industry’s concerns and outlined alternatives such as DOD or the government providing a secure environment for small businesses to operate in.

DLA Ombudsman Tim Stark also presented results of the DLA Supplier Survey conducted in fall 2018. The survey measured four vectors: DLA Communication, DLA Supplier Relationship, Growth and Profit Potential, and DLA Effectiveness.

Seventeen areas within those vectors were assessed and drew almost 3,000 responses. DLA’s highest score was in “trustworthy communications” but was countered by results in “innovation.” Overall, industry rated DLA with a neutral score of three in all areas but one, Stark said. The scores will now become a baseline for performance and improvements until the next survey is conducted in 2020.

The meeting ended with a reminder that DLA Industry Day will be held July 31. The event will include discussions and a review of the fiscal 2019-2020 strategic vision and metrics, updates on DoD’s and DLA’s acquisition reform efforts, and forecasted business opportunities.

For more information on the survey, visit the 2018 DLA Supplier Feedback Survey and overall results page.