News | June 25, 2019

Shaper of non-petroleum energy programs inducted into DLA Hall of Fame

By DLA Public Affairs

The sky wasn’t the limit for 2019 Defense Logistics Agency Hall of Fame inductee Sharon Murphy, who expanded DLA Energy’s non-petroleum energy programs and served as director of the Aerospace Energy Office.

Her 31 years of service, 28 of which with DLA Energy, were packed with firsts. She and her teams started the agency’s natural gas program, the electricity program and the acquisition program supporting the Defense Department’s utilities privatization program, according to the nomination packet.

Her work between the DoD and Department of Energy also helped enable DLA Energy to award Energy Savings Performance Contracts. Those contracts can have up to 25-year performance periods, and in one case early in the program, the cost savings to the government was estimated at more than $200 million over an 18-year period.

Murphy went on to create the Aerospace Energy Office to support NASA’s fuel needs. During her time as director, she and her teams set up a new supply chain for helium and also supported a number of aerospace fuels, propellants and compressed gasses.

“Her numerous contributions forever changed the scope, mission and structure of DLA Energy,” noted DLA Energy Supplier Operations Director Gabby Earhardt in the nomination package. “Ms. Murphy is one of the most highly decorated civilians in the recent history of [DLA Energy]. Over the course of her career, she received accolades from across the DLA enterprise and department-wide for her acquisition acumen and successful, innovative solutions for warfighter needs.”

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