News | July 18, 2019

48th LRS D-Flight maintains operational readiness

By Airman First Class Shanice Williams-Jones 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

How do U.S. Air Force installations maintain the set standard of readiness to ensure mission capability proficiency? 48th Logistics Readiness Squadron Airmen say it is achieved through the numerous working elements dedicated to the support of operations and all personnel assigned to the installation.

The Deployment and Distribution Flight is one unit tasked with ensuring the sustained readiness of U.S. Air Force personnel. The flight is a section of the Logistics Readiness Squadron and consists of Small Air Terminal, Installation Deployment Readiness Cell, Passenger Travel, Ground Transportation and Cargo Movement sections.

“The best way to explain D-Flight in a nutshell, is that if it needs to move, or needs to deploy, it comes through D-Flight,” said 2nd Lt. Casey Chase, 48th LRS Deployment and Distribution flight commander.

48th LRS D-Flight is responsible for the planning and execution of all wing deployment operations and transportation of cargo and base personnel. The flight provides Airmen with all necessary equipment to expediently deploy forward ready ensuring they can execute their mission.

“Everyone will go through Traffic Management Office throughout their career and will benefit from the services we provide,” Staff Sgt. David Meads, a 48th LRS traffic management specialist. “Customers worldwide require services through provision of personnel and movement for unit cargo supporting different types of exercises with United States allies.”

The flight provides transportation support through the exercise of vehicle operators, air transportation, logistics plans, and traffic management personnel.

“Ground Transportation is multi-faceted in its day-to-day operations. Our training, validation and operations section addresses local ground transportation trends, in addition to operator readiness and education,” Staff Sgt. Arthur Singletary, 48th LRS ground transportation operations center NCO in charge. “Scheduled operators provide local, International, foreign and temporary duty location aircrew transportation support throughout the UK.”

Airmen of D-Flight also process and transport inbound and outbound materiel to support the wing at home station and down range.

“I get the chance to support my fellow Airmen downrange through delivering time-restricted mission capable items during cargo deployment functions. I help them to stay ready and ahead of our adversaries,” said Senior Airman David Cerda Infante, 48th LRS ground transportation operator.

According to Chase, approximately $2.5 billion of assets are transported through the installation per year. Cargo ranges from a 75-cent washer to a $50 million engine.

The 48th LRS D-Flight ensures the Liberty Wing is combat ready through its day-to-day support of all wing personnel and through deployment preparedness

“We practice how we play and honor that daily with every requirement we execute,” Singletary said. “Through consistency and dedication, true readiness is enhanced as we stay true to our convoy operator heritage.”

Editor's note: The original story can be viewed on the Royal Air Force Lakenheath website.