News | Sept. 30, 2019

Analyst values personal, professional growth at DLA

DLA Public Affairs

Many Defense Logistics Agency employees might consider audit work daunting, but Business Process Analyst Haleema Rehman finds the work rewarding and even fun, thanks to the many agencywide benefits and the people she works with.

Rehman has worked for DLA since 2006, first in DLA Energy, and then for DLA Logistics Operations. She was then tapped to be part of DLA’s Audit Task Force.

She returned to DLA Logistics Operations as part of a team working the Distribution Standard System to Enterprise Business System variance cleanup. Her duties include data validation, workload prioritization, dissemination, monitoring and providing senior leaders with status briefings.

“We collaborate and coordinate communication and actions among key stakeholders such as the major subordinate commands, DLA Finance and DLA Distribution,” Rehman said.

While with the ATF, Rehman said she was excited to help the agency work toward audit advancement and valued the chance to partner with the team.

She believes her educational background and being a part of DLA Energy’s Audit Readiness team has helped her transition her skills to her current position.

“This is something I care deeply about because it helps DLA be transparent and shows that DLA is accountable for the taxpayers’ dollars – we know how the money is being spent,” she said. “It’s greater than just being able to track finances for the agency, it impacts all taxpayers.”

Personal growth and career enhancement are among Rehman’s favorite things about working for DLA. She’s taken advantage of the DLA Executive Development Program and the Harvard Kennedy School Senior Executive Fellows Program as well as the agency’s rotation program with the full support of her managers.

Rehman appreciates the benefits DLA offers its employees like the Fitness Center and Toastmasters.

“You’re not here just as an employee. You can work on your physical health and attend different workshops for your emotional health,” she said.

She added that Toastmasters has developed her public speaking, leadership and mentorship skills.

“Another great thing about DLA is that senior leadership is so accessible to us. You just ask for meetings and people meet with you,” she said. “It’s why I’ve been here so long – the agency believes in its people.”

In her spare time, Rehman enjoys Islamic art and Arabic calligraphy. She also has a passion for mentoring Muslim youth to grow in confidence and faith.

“I realize that oftentimes they just need someone to listen to them,” she said. “I like to be that person who can listen.”

Rehman’s hobbies include yoga, enjoying nature and reading. She also serves on the board of a nonprofit faith-based organization and organizes art nights to provide a space for women to feel empowered.