News | Oct. 17, 2019

The Change Management Working Group…making change easy!

DLA Land and Maritime People and Culture

The Change Management Working Group met Sept. 18.  The New Common Continuous Learning Cycle was a discussion topic presented by Jamila Bayard, a change management specialist in the People and Culture Directorate. The discussion ultimately led to an innovative idea when Stephen Shaw, a procurement analyst in Procurement Process Support, offered to design and develop the Continuous Learning Calculator for Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime.  Shaw and Bayard worked in partnership to make the idea a reality and to make the transition to the Common Continuous Learning Cycle easy.

The purpose of the Continuous Learning Calculator is to help the DLA Fourth Estate Acquisition Workforce understand how many Continuous Learning points are needed by Dec. 31 to maintain their current status.  The Continuous Learning Calculator uses the associate’s current Continuous Learning Points Cycle start date and current points earned to determine if any additional Continuous Learning points are required. Since the New Common Cycle takes effect on Jan. 1 2020, most employees will have a truncated Continuous Learning cycle that will end Dec. 31.

The Continuous Learning Points Calculator and the job aid for locating Continuous Learning Points in the Defense Acquisition Talent Management System can be accessed on the Message of the Day.  The calculator will become obsolete Jan. 1, 2020.

Members of the working group also received information regarding G-Invoicing and the Industrial Supply Integration projects that are currently underway.

The next Change Management Working Group meeting will take place in December.