News | Nov. 10, 2019

Online tool makes contracting easier

By Tim Hoyle and Erin Clore DLA Disposition Services

Developing and executing contracts is complex work that requires Defense Logistics Agency personnel to pay close attention to detail and diligently incorporate information from many sources to ensure the documents created not only meet the needs of the agency, but also follow all of the relevant laws and regulations.

Roger Lonoza, chief of DLA Disposition Services’ Contract Oversight and Support Division, and his staff have created a new “upfront tool” that has been helping them sift through numerous contracting resources as they work on their day-to-day actions.

“It’s a one-stop tool that lets a contracting employees come in and understand his or her role as a contracting professional immediately,” Lonoza said.

The tool provides a consolidated online listing of templates, samples, reference material, and hyperlinks for contract specialists to share the latest information and updates in real time. Besides simplifying research and access to resources, staff members said other desired outcomes for the tool include shorter acquisition lead times, improved morale and culture, plus increased compliance.

“You don’t have to go to ten places anymore to find what you need,” said Contracting Officer Kayla DesVoignes. “It provides live updates, so we are all using the same information. This makes it a great asset that will help us be audit ready.”

The tool was developed by a team of contracting professionals that included Erin Clore, Andrea Tichenor and DesVoignes.