Fourth quarter employees of the quarter

By DLA Energy Public Affairs


Defense Logistics Agency Energy Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Albert Miller announced Energy’s fourth quarter, fiscal year 2019 military and civilian employees of the quarter.

The DLA Energy service members, employees and strategic goals winners will move on to compete at the agency-wide program. 

“Please help me in congratulating these teammates for their amazing accomplishments,” Miller said in an email to the workforce. “If you see these outstanding team players in the halls, at meetings or just going about your daily business, please stop and thank them.”

Field Grade Officer Category:
Army Maj. Justin L. Darnell, DLA Energy Middle East 

Company Grade Category:
Air Force Capt. Joseph Richard, DLA Energy Europe & Africa

Senior Noncommissioned Officer Category:
Army Master Sgt. Marcus Wilson, DLA Energy Europe & Africa

Junior Noncommissioned Officer Category:
Air Force Tech. Sgt. Lorenzo Cortez Jr., DLA Energy Americas East 

DLA Energy civilian winners are: 
Brian Reed, DLA Energy Americas North, in the GS/WG/WL 7-12 category and 
Michael VanDongen, DLA Energy Americas East, in the GS13-15/WS category

DLA Director's Strategic Goals Award nomination:
Timothy Howell, DLA Energy Okinawa, won the Individual Category for strategic goals of Warfighter First, Global Posture, Whole of Government, Always Accountable, and People and Culture.

DLA Energy Defense Fuel Support Point San Pedro Thermal Remediation in the Small Team Category for the strategic goals of Warfighter First and Global Posture:

•    Carol Devier-Heeney
•    Rhoji Fernandez
•    Heather Adams
•    Owen Hassig
•    Melissa Roth
•    Jerry Kim
•    Brian Schick
•    Stephen Deathrage
•    William Potter
•    Laura Fleming
•    Susan Stewart
•    Christopher Tull

“We know that no one succeeds alone, so I offer my personal thanks to everyone who was part of the larger team that continues to make us successful day-in and day-out,” Miller said. “Our Energy winners are slated to compete – and hopefully win – at the J1 board held at DLA headquarters. Good luck!!!”