2019 annual history chronicles DLA's achievements

By DLA Public Affairs


From a growing role in the delivery and storage of repair parts for the F-35 Lightning II to an agreement with the Department of Veterans Affairs to reduce pharmaceutical prices, the Defense Logistics Agency made significant achievements in 2019.

A 413-page annual history written by DLA Historian Colin Williams with input from over 20 subject matter experts recounts the agency’s progress and covers DLA Headquarters directorates and major subordinate commands. The document chronicles how the agency executed $32 billion in sales, supported natural disasters, collaborated with industry, expanded Whole of Government partnerships and more. 

“It differs from financial and management reports in that it covers not only what we did, but why and how we did it,” said DLA Director Army Lt. Gen. Darrell Williams in a message prefacing the document. 

The agency improved material availability for parts in almost every supply chain while reducing back orders and increasing on-time delivery, according to the report. The director stressed that DLA’s accomplishments were possible mainly because of employees’ dedication and knowledge.

“Even advances such as robotics processing, additive manufacturing and unmanned aerial vehicle delivery involved human planning and programming. People are at the heart of everything we do,” he said.

Over its 58-year history, DLA has completed six annual histories.