News | Feb. 14, 2020

DLA Aviation Black History Month Spotlight: Floyd Moore

By DLA Aviation Public Affairs Office


Name: Floyd A. Moore, Jr.

Title: DLA Aviation Engineering director

How long have you worked for DLA? 29 years

What does African American /Black History Month mean to you? Black History Month is a time for rejoicing.  It gives us an opportunity to take time out to thank those Americans for giving us hope and an opportunity for equality. It provides insight into the past, present and future of America. In order for us to appreciate the present and have hopes for the future we must reflect on the struggles and accomplishment of those who have gone before us in pursuit of equality for all. There is a passage in a book that says, “The greatest thing a man can do is to lay down his life for others.” I am deeply grateful to those that sacrificed so much for the greater good of America. 

What do you consider the most important cultural value for you and for those close to you? When I was growing up my father shared with me his past experience as a child.  He remembered when African Americans had to go to the back window at a restaurant and have food passed to them. He told me of the time when the restroom doors were marked with the words “Whites” and “Colored.”

He shared with me how he was treated as a young adult when buses carrying non-African American children passed by.

My family is the most important thing to me.  When I was raising my children, I wish I could have told them that I had not experienced or seen inequality and unfairness in my life.  I could not tell my children that unfairness and inequality does not exist anymore because I too had experienced the pain of it as well. However, I did share with my children that those experiences made me strong and created in me a desire and determination to be all that I can be. I passed that determination on to my family.  Based on what my father shared with me and what I have experienced I also tried to instill in my children the cultural value that stems from Matthew 7:12, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In other words, treat others the way you want to be treated.   

What do you want the DLA Aviation workforce to take away from celebrating this particular month? I want people to realize that the opportunities given to African Americans would not have been possible without the support of all ethnic groups.  It was more than just African Americans that were protesting and pushing for equality for all people. Black History Month gives us to opportunity to celebrate the past successes and reflect on prior failures as well.  It also shows what can happen when a nation or group of people work together towards a common goal. We as a nation have made a lot of progress over the years, but we still have not completely achieved the end goals we have been striving for.  As we become more successful, we must realize that a level of responsibility goes along with that success.  We need to ask ourselves what are we going to do to improve and maintain fairness and equality at DLA Aviation for all people.