News | March 13, 2020

Women’s History Month spotlight: Yumiko Sasaki

By DLA Energy Public Affairs

Editor’s note: March is Women’s History Month and this year’s Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute theme is “Honoring the Past, Securing the Future.” Throughout the month, we will spotlight Defense Logistics Agency Energy employees who are honoring their history and making a difference. 

Describe your job: I am a Supply Requirement and Distribution Clerk at DLA Energy Japan working as the primary truck transportation ordering officer for bulk petroleum products in mainland Japan. I have worked at DLA Energy Japan since January 2012.

What makes you proud about your job? My job relates to and directly impacts DLA Energy’s customers – meeting their requirements and supporting the mission makes me proud of my job. I work hard to forge strong partnerships with transportation contractors and the effectively communicate to preclude late orders/errors and ensure mission accomplishment.

Can you share a recent professional success story? I coordinated the transportation services of an urgent requirement (lube oils) in the last year from one Defense Fuel Support Point to another DFSP over 700 miles away. This support of the DLA Energy mission directly contributed to the on-time deployment of a U.S. Navy mission, reinforcing the United States' strategic presence in the INDOPACIFIC region.  

How do you make a difference? I make a difference by trying to be a good team member and help my teammates; be faithful to my own duties and never stop learning. I cherish all the great people I’ve met both professionally and personally and the all that I’ve learned from them.