News | March 22, 2020

Pi Day event offers employees fun, fitness and flavor

By Tim Hoyle

Some walked, some rode, while others ran – outside in the brisk winter air or inside on a treadmill – as they all worked to rack up the 3.14 miles to help celebrate Pi Day 2020.

The Battle Creek Morale, Welfare, Recreation and Family Readiness staff organized the observance over three days – March 11, 13 and 16 -- and found a sponsor to provide actual pie for participants to enjoy. Sure, the day is supposed to be about honoring one of the world’s most famous numbers, but no seemed to mind a tasty treat.

“It’s delicious,” said Robin Rogers after sampling her piece of apple pie after walking her miles. “If they offered pie every day I would be down here every day.”

Rogers and two of her friends walked the corridors in the basement around the Battle Creek Fitness Center for a half-hour to participate. While they were walking, Melissa Smith pedaled one of the stationary bikes to knock out her mileage in 13 minutes.

“Riding the bike felt good,” Smith said.  She also enjoys competing in dragon boat races and running. “I did a 5K run on Sunday under 50 minutes.”

It was the fourth Pi Day run for the Federal Center, but only the second time pie was offered to those participating at the Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center. Sports and Fitness Facility Manager Martha Kerns having a virtual event allow participants to compete on their own and submit the time.

“Any of the cardio equipment like we have in the Fitness Center can be used – a stationary bike, treadmill, rower, elliptical -- the only requirement is finishing 3.14 miles,” Kerns said.

Michelle Moore and her friend Denise Bruce also shared some camaraderie as they walked on adjoining treadmills for the event. Both said they appreciated the MWR staff’s efforts to conduct the annual event.

“It’s a great way to the end the week, and the pie is an extra treat,” Moore said.

Runners Jessica Waynick and Angie Wilbur both took advantage of the sunny weather on March 13 to put in their paces outdoors. While the sun was out, both said it wasn’t really warm.

“It really looks beautiful with the sunshine, but it was windy,” Wilbur said

Even with the wind, Waynick her run was still “great.”

“It was nice to have the opportunity to run outside,” Waynick said. “I don’t like to run on a treadmill for too long.”

The Pi Day celebration wrapped up March 16. Kerns said the top finishers included Smith, who completed the required distance on the recumbent bike in 13:32, Chuck Born finished his treadmill run in 24:45 while fellow runners Chad McKeever, Micah Coplin, Cory William and Chris Ashbay ran together outdoors with a time of 29:30. Jody Ward workout on the elliptical with a time of 25.34.

Regardless of how they participated, everyone seemed to enjoy some fun and flavor while working on their resiliency.

“I’m happy; I’m stress free,” said Dana Thornbury.