News | May 13, 2020

New Normal?

By Richard Siemienski DLA Land and Maritime People and Culture

COVID-19! Stay at Home orders! Virtual Learning! These are difficult times as we navigate isolation and try to keep up with our work. Whether we are Senior Executive Service, Military or Defense Logistics Agency General Schedule-level employees, we face uncertainty and uncharted territory. Many of us have already teleworked and become familiar with the hurdles of our home network or secure sites: lagging, locking, or just molasses-slow load times. It is frustrating and annoying. Knowing all this, we must accept it and adapt to overcome. This is especially true with video conferencing!

Skype video and audio calling make for a great tool in these times of isolation and quarantine but are not without these challenges. As a Pathway to Career Excellence and College Intern instructor, our entire existence is to teach an audience.

We have been able to utilize the Skype video and Bridge call-in line tandemly to see and hear with less interruptions due to video lag.  We can present our desktops virtually for students to follow our phone conversation and have them present theirs as well.

Are there interruptions? Of course! We just communicate our way through using all tools available, be they home-land lines, cell phones, or the Skype Instant Messaging. After a couple of sessions, you will fall into sync and be able to communicate almost like being in the same room!

So, take heart, take your time, and be persistent and you too can overcome! Remember: our Warfighters depend on us!