News | July 2, 2020

Environmental specialist marks 50 years federal service

By Public Affairs staff DLA Disposition Services Public Affairs

Norfolk-based Environmental Protection Specialist and U.S. Navy veteran Edilberto Ramirez was recently recognized for 50 years of federal service. We caught up with him and he reflected a little on his civilian and military career and shared some thoughts about what his future might hold. 

Any interesting moments you recall from your naval career? 

I made so many deployments and tours around the world throughout my entire career. The most significant one was when we were out to sea for 120 days without hitting port in Monrovia, running low and very limited on food supplies and paper products. We couldn’t even take a shower – only authorized personnel – and the rest of the crew, they took a “bird bath” due to water conservation.

How many years have you been a federal civilian? Any deployments? 

As of this time, I have a total of 27 [civilian] years in federal government. I started as a material examiner/identifier in a temporary position which became permanent. Ever since then, I pushed myself and started climbing up the ladder to reach my goal. I made deployments to Kuwait in 2010 and to Kandahar in 2012 as a Civilian Expeditionary Workforce member. 

How does it feel knowing that you’ve spent half a century serving your country? 

I feel great that I have spent most of my time in the U.S. Navy and with DLA. I will do it again if God permits me to keep on working.

Any plans for retirement? Anything you’d like to do? 

No plans for retirement yet. Maybe someday I will make my decision and say ‘I quit working.’  I love my job; it’s a very challenging position and learn something new every single day. I also enjoy myself working around my coworkers and leaders. I always go above and beyond expectations.

Congratulations Edilberto! Thank you for your decades of contribution and sacrifice as both a warfighter and a continued support resource for those who have taken up the mantle of national defense after you.

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