News | Aug. 10, 2020

Vehicles offer final service as rescue trainers

By Tim Hoyle DLA Disposition Services

Defense Logistics Agency employees at Kandahar, Afghanistan, combined their roles of supporting the warfighter and ensuring the proper disposal of excess equipment to host recent field training for a local Air Force unit.

Marcus Wierman, site chief for DLA Disposition Services at Kandahar, said his team gave airmen from the 48th Rescue Squadron access to the facility July 31 to practice the cutting skills used for extractions during rescues by using the site’s excess vehicles.

“They used vehicles we would have cut up anyway,” Wierman said. “It was good training.”

Since the training occurred after normal working hours at the yard, Wierman said the airmen also had the chance to practice using their night vision equipment.

Material that is not needed by another unit and unserviceable is often offered by DLA Disposition Services sites for warfighters to use as aids to enhance training by adding variety and realism before the items involved are disposed of as scrap material. According to an Air Force website, the mission of the squadron includes training and equipping pararescuemen, combat rescue officers and supporting personnel … to provide combat and humanitarian search, rescue and medical assistance in all environments.