News | Sept. 21, 2020

DLA Distribution Commanding General shares Hispanic Heritage Month message

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs

America's diversity has always been one of our nation's greatest strengths. Hispanic Americans have long played an integral role in America's rich culture, proud heritage, and building this great nation. 

From the first Spanish settlers who arrived in America decades before Plymouth Rock or Jamestown, to the more than 54 Million Hispanic Americans living here today, Latinos have helped form our nation's history and culture. 

Hispanic Americans have enhanced and shaped our national character with centuries-old traditions that reflect their multiethnic and multicultural customs. 

Their strong commitment to family, faith, hard work, and public service reflects traditional American values and has helped shape and strengthen every facet of our national identity.

Hispanic and Latino Americans have distinguished themselves in the U.S. military for as long as our country has existed. They are politicians, business owners, lawyers, doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, entertainers, teachers, co-workers, friends, and neighbors. 

Hispanic American patriotism is evident in America's history and spirit since the creation of our nation. All our country’s citizens, regardless of distinction, are what make and keep our nation secure. Please join me in celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month.